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Good News

Posted by jackie blue on January 21st, 2005

Well I got that project I was hoping for and we’re in the contract stages. Which means, I’d REALLY better take advantage of knitting time while I have it. The next few weeks are going to be really busy ones.

So with that, I’m gonna meet my Ladies at the Drafty Table today (Drafty? It’s downright frozen, 14 degrees right now with a windchill of -1) and spend the afternoon knitting, and possibly teaching another friend if she shows. It’s been weeks since we gathered due to all the Friday holidays and tight schedules, so I’m really looking forward to this. Question is, what project do I bring? My socks? The Sockapalooza sock? The long neglected Lisette? I think I’ll bring all three.
It occurred to me too lately that almost all my projects are on needles from 0s to 3s. Maybe I need to break it up a little, like starting that sweater from the Highland Chunky.

A picture says a thousand words

Posted by jackie blue on January 20th, 2005

It’s all about the socks

Posted by jackie blue on January 19th, 2005

regiasocks_1_19.jpg So it’s all socks here, lately. Here’s where I am on the Regia socks for myself. I know I should be finishing these before I start any others but I was so excited to begin the Sockapalooza socks that I just had to give in. At least I am still working on this and haven’t thrown them aside completely.
So, remember that Anne yarn I bought for the pooling scarf, and made several attempts with? Well, I gave up on that idea and it was destined for socks, so I decided to use that for my Sockapalooza socks.
Here’s what I have so far.
sockapalooza_1_19.jpg The lace is swiped from Knitty’s Straight-laced sock but I’m not following that pattern at all – just doing
a toe up sock with a short row heel and adapting the lace into it. And it’s pooling weird, just like the scarf did. Good thing this is not meant to line up in any way. I hope my sock pal doesn’t hate the colors. Me, I’m LOVING this sock so much
that it’s going to pain me to give them away and I have another skein of Anne waiting to be a pair for me, some day.
Meanwhile, I’m so behind on finishing sweater projects and starting new ones. I should take advantage of time while I have it. I had a conference call this morning about that project I really want, it’s down to me and another design team and I should know tomorrow if I have it. CROSS FINGERS FOR ME! I really want it, but it will mean far less knitting time for the next few weeks.

It’s a bad hair day…

Posted by jackie blue on January 17th, 2005

…so no head. But finished Ribby.