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Just checking in here

Posted by jackie blue on January 14th, 2005

Not much to see. No photos today. But a quick update:

  • Ribby Cardi has zipper now, photos coming soon.
  • Regia sock at the turning heel point, should work on that one today.
  • Clapotis coming along slowly, I think that will be only a stay-at-home project due to the two ball of yarn attached to that one.
  • Morehouse Merino plain green hat started yesterday, to match the lily pond colored scarf I made, not much to see yet.
  • Lisette still untouched for now but I vow to go back soon.
  • No new big sweater prject started yet, I want to finish some of these smaller things and start on my Sockapalooza socks.

    And that’s that. It’s raining and gross and I have no work to do today, so I think I will catch up on some knitting before my evening plans. I submitted a proposal for a project I really want, so hopefully work will pick up soon, but for now I should take advantage of some free time. So see ya later!

  • Zippity Doo Dah

    Posted by jackie blue on January 9th, 2005

    ribby_nozip.jpg Well, we had a Seaming Party here over the weekend and the Ribby Cardi is done, except for the zipper. Which I planned to get today. So the lovely Em and I took a long walk to the garment district to find one, among other things. Well, just about everything was closed! This is Not Your Grandmother’s Garment District.

    So that will have to wait a week or so to get done. And I’ve been working on my second Regia sock intermittenly all weekend (at the movies, at the bar over a beer, in a cafe, where ever I can!) so I can start Alison’s Sockapalooza without guilt.

    And I have several other things to start too, and finish (uh, hi…Lisette? Alice? How are you, girls?) but I couldn’t let the Lorna’s Laces just sit there, could I?

    clapotis_1.09.jpg So I wound it up and started my Clapotis. Problem is, most of my stitch markers are on other projects, and I can’t use big dangling ones with this delicate lace weight, I find them too distracting. Ah well, guess I should have bought some today.

    And because you asked, I think that the Highland Chunky is going to become This. Some day.

    Lights and stash

    Posted by jackie blue on January 6th, 2005

    Outlets are fixed, lamp with broken bulb has new switch (which made removing said bulb unnecessary, since the whole socket was replaced, and the bulb had NO glass left whatsoever so the potato trick would not have worked, but thanks for the tips!) and now yes, I have even more new stash.
    Behold Helen’s Lace in “Vera”. I ordered this back in November and it just arrived yesterday. Ain’t it pretty? And it matches my rug so well! This is destined for my long awaited Clapotis. Now I just have to decide if I want a real delicate lace weight Clapper or, a doubled up one. What do you think?

    And I ordered 6 more skeins of that Highland Chunky. I know what it’s going to be now. Don’t you wish I’d tell you?

    And in answer to Lis’s question in the comments – I have been a stash maniac the last few months. I never used to. I had some cheap stuff stashed but really only bought for specific projects and only when I was ready to start them. Look how fast THAT went out the window. Like a shattered light bulb.

    Electrifying is right

    Posted by jackie blue on January 5th, 2005

    Forgive the lack of knitting content lately, I seem to be starting the year full of calamities. Last night another lamp mishap – related to the first mishap, this time a lightbulb shattered in my hand from twisting too tight and it’s now stuck, broken, in the lamp socket so I am sitting in the dark. Waiting for my super to fix my outlets, hopefully. Wondering if this lamp is toast and if I need to run out in the rain today and buy a new one or else sit in the dark all night. A lamp is such a personal thing, too. This one was the first thing I bought and moved into my apartment when I moved in 11 years ago. I love it.

    In any case, knitting. It’s too dark in here to knit. But I AM almost done with the second sleeve of the Ribby Cardi so soon there will be Seaming. And I have started my second Regia sock. And I just couldn’t help showing off what I got in the mail this morning. It’s 20 skeins of Peruvian Highland Chunky.
    What will it be? I have no idea.