Look what I just got in the mail!
Yes, I got jealous of Cari’s and Em’s Socks that Rock and so I knew, especially after fondling Em’s socks, that I had to make some for myself. So I broke the “no more yarn” rule for now, and look at those yummy colors. Despite the sock anguish lately, I can’t wait to make a pair from that.

And oh yeah, the Sockapalooza sock. No, I STILL haven’t finished the first one, but I blame work for most of that. I did rip umpteen times. But I finally got the lace to where there are no real visible mistakes, so I’m gonna keep with it for now. I have maybe another inch or two to go. And then I’ll block it (since lace pulls tight) and see if the sock will even fit my pal. Then it’s on to sock #2. Why’d my pal have to go and have two feet, anyway?

5 Responses to “Sockity Goodness”

That’s funny… my pal has two feet, too. Must be an epidemic going around or something. Hang in there, I’m sure your socks will turn out beautifully! Love your new yarn, especially the one on the left – it reminds me of Rainbow Sherbert. 🙂

WOW! I found some of that sock yarn with the Moon on the label and thought to myself what a WONDERFUL colorist the person who dyes this stuff is.

Mine is skeined up and sitting on my coffee table so I can lovingly gaze on it with my morning brew…

Love your 5 songs per decade lists – thanks for enabling me for more iTunes store bingeing!

Zombies here I come…

Oh goodness, I love buying sock yarn! You are making it very hard on me showing those beautiful skeins 🙂 I must not buy, so instead I will go to the stash and start a new pair and pretend I just bought it, he he.

Did you buy yours from the wonderful folks at the Fold? I bought some in Blue Moon Stone and the Amber colourways. I love this yarn and the service (on the phone) from that shop is just amazing. I actually had just phoned them to order more.

Rules are meant to be broken, especially when it’s so you can buy gorgeous yarn that looks yummier than ice cream. Good mail call! 🙂

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