Just a post to let you know I’m still alive. I’m buried under mounds (virtual, that is) of work, and my knitting is taking a big back seat so there isn’t much progress. But here’s a finished sockapalooza sock and proof that I’ve started another!
sockapalooza_2_10.jpg Thank god my pal likes ’em on the shorter side. And last night I cast on and began one of the Blue Moon socks for myself but alas, I made it too big. That baby is going to be started over.

The other thing I’ve been working on in the last week or so is my Clapotis. I’m finally up to the dropping stitches part.
clapotis_2_10.jpg When I first started this, I was thinking the very fine lace weight of Helen’s Lace, even doubled, might have been a mistake. But now that I’ve gotten this far, I love it. It’s certainly going to be smaller and much airier than the other Clapotis I’ve seen, but the fabric is so soft and silky and lovely, that I just can’t wait to wear it on a sunny Spring day, brunching outdoors. I’ll have time in my life for brunch one of these days, won’t I?

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I like the swirly red pooling of your sock. Is the yarn supposed to do that, or is it a lucky accident?

Seems like just the thing to wear at brunch in Central Park. Oh, see what you’ve done? Now I’m jonesing for a warm spring day, and I haven’t had the chance to really enjoy winter yet!

I, too, am quite taken with the swirly pooling! What a lovely sock that is.

I think it’s probably because the yarn is space dyed – so it’s going to pool in some way or another. But never the way it was supposed to – that yarn was bought to do Interweave’s Pooling Colors scarf and I could never get it to pool right!

God, your Clapotis colors are beautiful. Don’t work too hard, hit Command-Save often, and back up your data! And certainly, certainly make time for brunch.

Like, wow – looks good to me, girl. Yay for the Clapotises of spring!

Oooh, those chunks of pink just POP right outta that sock. Lucky Sockapalooza pal!

Hi, I like your Clapotis! I did a lace weight Clap as a gift for my mother in law, and once blocked a bit, it turned out beatifully. I think the lightness really makes it fancy. So don’t worry, yours will be gorgeous!

ditto from me on those gorgeous colours in both projects…that is looking like a beautifully brunchy clapotis, so you will definitely have to make time to show it off in central park!

you will have time. you will. 🙂
but we gotta make the big bucks sometimes… to support the other times. 🙂

Hey, great socks! And awesome sock yarn you’ve just purchased. There have been a lot of cool socks on the blogs these days. Can’t wait to see your Clapotis all finished!

I did a double knit Clap in HL as well and its beautifully soft and airy. It’s smaller than most people’s Claps, but just right for under a jacket – or springtime! Yours looks great, and I love the colours.

Lovely lovely sock!!!
And keep plugging away on that Clapotis – beautiful colors!
It’s wonderful when it’s done!
I think I’ve warn mine every day since I finished it it 10+ days ago! 🙂

Hey – I made my Flower Basket Shawl out of the same Helen’s Lace colorway, ehld double too! Your clapotis is lovely in it – I’m tickled with the FBS too. I did my clapotis in LL Shepherd Sport in Mineshaft…. Love thos handpaints!