I see this and think “Abbey Road”.

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yes, but… what in the world is going on? 🙂

I’m so upset I’m missing this! I wish I could be there!

love them! i like your pics better than the ones i linked to in the times! sooooooo jealous! me and jenn both!!!!!

OK. NOW I get it. I’d been wondering what the whole hoople was about. That is just gorgeous. Thanks for clearing things up for me. When are we walking?

That is so AWESOME! More pictures! More pictures!

I agree with Becky – more pictures! more pictures! Your images are better than those I’ve caught on line!

Please cross your finger for me this weekend! I may be able to add the turtleneck to Giraffe- just 50 more rows to go on the second sleeve!


Wow. I must have stumbled into the unimpressive part of the Gates, because I didn’t see anything that lovely. Where are the *double* gates at? Clearly I have no knowledge of Central Park, despite having been in NYC for 15 years.

How in the world did you get pictures of The Gates with no other people wandering around?!

I went and my pictures were nice, but yours are great with no random heads in the middle of them. 🙂