14 Responses to “Vivid Stripey Goodness”

I literally swooned over that stripe pattern. Those colors would look fabulous in a sweater or jacket, too!

mmm is right! yummy colors.


Oooh, pretty!

That is gorgeous! Please share the yarn name and colorway!!!

Oh wow, that looks fantastic! Is that the Socks that Rock yarn?

I love those colors… they remind me of Arches National Park or Garden of the Gods on a day with a clear blue sky.

What sheer delight on a dreary day!

The Gates pale in comparison.

Mmmmmmmm indeed. I like how it’s so regularly striped. Should be interesting to see how long this’ll last.

yummy! is that “socks that rock”?

I have to agree with all the comments..”Yummy!” I literally want to lick it. Like sherbert…
I don’t have a foot fetish, I swear!

Indeed, that is very nice.

Looking good! I love the self striping. It is interesting and no yarn ends to weave in.