It’s been crazy around here. I’ll keep it short and give just a synopsis.
Work, work, work. Dim sum, work. Japanese gummy candies, bubble tea, work. Clean dog. Clean house. Work. Oscars and sushi with friend. Hibiscus tea. Work. Knitting.
And, they are done!!
They’re pretty cool, huh? Here’s a closeup. I really like these socks and hope my pal does too! Oh, and those vivid stripes? They are coming along too.
How high should I go?

11 Responses to “Weekend Update”

Love your socks for your pal. But your sock blockers need a little work. 😉

ah man could i be your pal,hee,hee. those are fantastic! what great colors. lucky gal will get those socks.

Oooh, great socks. Love the colors. And I think the length of the socks that are still on the needles is high enough. Short enough for an ankle boot but long enough to stay warm.

The socks are great! I love the way the Anne socks pooled. I just bought size 1 needles so I’ll start on my Anne socks as soon as I’m done with the current pair.

I know your Sockapalooza Pal will really enjoy them!

let’s see some knee socks!
(still loving that yarn, by the way … i haven’t broken down and bought it yet, but a few more inches of snow and all my resolve is going to cave!)

Fantastic! The Sockapalooza socks are just stunning–and word to the readers, they’re even better looking in person! Congrats on finishing them–and what better way to reward yourself than with awesome Socks That Rock? Woo hoo!

It’s very bright and very sock-y over here, isn’t it?! All the socks look great. Those for your sock pal are really wild. So are you totally hooked on sock knitting now??

I *Love* the sock pal socks. So beautiful. ANd vivid stripeys are looking great too. I like the way the color looks like it’s bleeding across the socks.

I love the socks! The colors are so vivid. Lucky gal that gets to wear those socks. 🙂

Those colours are so beautiful!
Congrats on finishing!

The Sockapalooza socks turned out great. As for the vivid stripes, personally, they’re long enough.