I put up water to boil and made the flame too big.
There was a large paper grocery bag inside a plastic bag
sitting on my counter, way too close. The bags caught fire.

I quickly threw them into the sink but the flames were high
and then my paper towel roll on the wall above the sink caught
fire too.

So I ran, and got a towel, and beat it low into the sink,
but the paper towel roll was still lit.

So I grabbed a pitcher and kept throwing water at the sink
and wall. And managed to put it all out, god help me.

Then the smoke alarm went off.

And I shook for about 3 hours.

This morning it still smells like a fire sale in here.

I am not having a good year. First an exploding outlet, now this. And I
didn’t even win millions in the lottery to start the chain*.

But look who came out of hiding. Hi Lisette!

*TV reference I know a lot of you will get

20 Responses to “Man, it smells in here.”

Have you been hanging out with crazy people lately? Wow, lady. You aren’t having a good year. I hope it gets better for you!

Whoa. I mean, WHOA. I’m shaking just from reading about it! I’m glad you’re OK! You don’t need numbers for the scary stuff, I see.

We should set up a play date for our Lisettes.

please get yourself a fire extinguisher. its a must have item and works much better than throwing water. glad it all worked out okay, but with your run of luck this year, you’d best run to the nearest hardware store and get an all-purpose fire extinguisher.

That would definitely shake me up, too. I hope you’re better now. And I agree with the last commenter… get a fire extinguisher!

Oy vey. I’m glad you’re alright, sweets.

Glad you’re OK! If you put some vinegar in a bowl it’ll draw the smokey smell out of a room – might be worth a try.

Please go right now and buy yourself a kitchen fire extinguisher. Hope your weekend is better.

Scary stuff. Glad you’re okay.

I would be shaking too! Glad everything turned out ok, although stinky…

wow. like everyone else, i’m glad you’re ok…and hoping you have a GREAT weekend.

So sorry and what a scary thing! Have a cuppa, some knitting, and a cuddle with Ty!

… OMG! …

oh no. glad you’re okay.

Oh! That would’ve been pretty..I would have been pretty scared!
Lisette is looking great! I can’t wait to see the finished item!

That totally bites. You know, I’m going looking for my extinguisher right now. This sort of crap can sneak up on anyone, hmmm?

Scary! I am glad that all ended well!!

Whoa, very scary indeed. Glad you are ok.

I’m so glad that you’re okay! Please be careful, and I gotta second the motion on getting a small but easy to use fire extinguisher that you can keep handy.

But things will look up. Just look at Lisette! Gorgeous, she is.

WHOA scary fire day!!!!!! glad you are OK!!

Burn some sage in your house to get rid of the evil spirits that appear to be pestering you. After you are done doing that, finish Lisette and give it it to me. I love her!