I do, FINALLY. A week later than everyone else, it seems. But I love most of it. My favorites?

I love the center one so much I’m tempted to drop everything I’m working on to make it for spring before it gets too warm. But alas, I have so many other things to finish too. And too much work lately to even knit much.

And I just ordered some merino from Knitpicks for a baby blanket gift. Yet another thing to get done.

I’m blowing off work this afternoon to go see Spamalot. I need a break, man, I really do.

3 Responses to “Got Rowan?”

I’m so jealous that you get to go see Spamalot!

I really like the lace dress. It’s the first knitted dress that I’ve been into. Other dresses just see like they’d be too hot or too heavy. This one’s so pretty and light and summery.

Oh man, I am SO JEALOUS! I am dying to see Spamalot!

I got my Rowan the same time you did, then. I like the middle sweater, too, and the one cardigan in Kid Silk Haze, but…that’s about it. The rest I can really live without.

Don’t feel too badly. I still haven’t received mine (unless it is in the mailbox waiting for me when I get home).

My best friend saw Spamalot and raved about it! Luck you!