Iiesette_sleeves.jpgIn my quest to get this sweater done soon, and not wanting to measure like crazy anymore, I finally decided to do what I always think I’ll do for each sweater – knit both sleeves togather. I hate the tangling but it’s working out better for me since I won’t have to count rows more than once.
afghan_squares.jpgAnd hey, you knew the second I got that merino that I wasn’t going to let it just SIT there, right? So I did 2 squares of my baby blanket afghan that weekend. I was just too busy to photograph them till today. It’s a bright and bold little bugger, eh? I hope my friend is really going to like this blanket.

So between taxes this week, and an eye doctor appointment (I’m still dilated here, I look like I’m possessed) – it’s been a crazy week, but I’m determined to make at least an hour or two of knitting time each night. We’ll see if I make my goal. I also have that Clapotis to finish too – I think I have the perfect place to wear it now…

2 Responses to “It takes two, baby”

Oooooh…I really like the beginnings of the baby afghan! Knitting for a baby with real colors and not just pastels is just so cool.

Doing 2 sleeves at once is really smart. Never done it myself, but aspire to in the future.

the blanket squares are looking great! i love the colors you chose. i can’t wait to see it come together. have a great weekend!