Oh, forget it. These sleeves are the slowest growing things this side of arctic moss. I have 20cm so far but need 43 before I even start the sleeve cap shaping. Damn #3 needles. As much as I knit between all the work I have, they just don’t seem to get longer.

It’s a shame too because this is perfect Lisette weather, and I have other things I’d like to work on too. But I will persevere.

So my Sockapalooza recipent seemed to like her socks, yay! I haven’t received mine yet but my pal did say they were on their way, I wonder if my socks have far to travel or if our post office is just slooooooooow. Hmmm!

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that is so what happens when i try to do two at once. it seems like they never grow at all!!! i stopped doing it b/c i couldn’t deal with the lack of a sense of progress. 🙂

Hang in there! The yarn is gorgeous!!

I second Audrey! Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend, you can recharge your poor design batteries and crank on the sleeves. Go, Jackie, go!

I think 20 cm is great progress – especially when working on two sleeves at once on #3 needles! (I actually think that the most disheartening thing about these patterns on #3 needles is that they inevitably say something like “increase at each end of every 14th row to … stiches” – you read it and know that it’s going to take forever). Looking forward to seeing photos of the finished Lisette!

oh dear, still not arrived (it’s been 2 weeks)… you thing that the mailman’s got warm feet.. ?