Internet access going in and out, tons of work, and a pretty social weekend make for pretty bad blogging. And not a lot of knitting. Today I had a fabulous Easter lunch at Valentina’s (man, can that girl cook) but although many knitting magazines were perused and talk of knitting was abound, not a stitch took place. I think I really need a Drafty Table session this week.
But I made an executive decision the other day. Since Lisette’s sleeves were going so slowly due to my schedule, and because even if I kept plugging away I’d end up with a long sleeved, wool, rather dark colored sweater when I’m done, I decided to put her back in the UFO pile. Oh, she’ll get done, but right now there’s other things I feel I’d get more use out of. Like my half done Clapotis for instance. I picked that back up this week and I think I can get it done soon. Oh, but I’m distracted, and here’s why.
Yes, You’ve seen this many times before out there in Blogland. It’s the Rebecca mohair wrap. Everyone is making it. I’m not one to usually jump on the “everyone is doing it” bandwagon (exceptions: see, Clapotis, and the Ribby Cardi) but, I already had the exact yarn (same color, even) in my stash, and it’s cute. I bought the yarn to make another Rebecca wrap but decided along the way that it really wasn’t practical and wouldn’t get much wear. THIS, I will wear. And I will wave hello to all the other knitters as I pass them wearing the same thing.

10 Responses to “Hello, it’s me”

Aha, but you left out the part about your apple tart! I hear it was fabulous…hmm?

so cool you already had the yarn for it. its a great pattern and you’ll get lots of use out of it. that really is a great color for it. it’ll go with so much.

Ooooh, pretty pearly color! It’s so addictive, isn’t it?

Uh…what if they’re sitting across a Drafty Table?

Mine, however, will be two-toned; I went stash-diving and found myself one ball short. Kind of like Tom Green, y’know?

You must finish Clapotis, Jackie, because I swear you will absolutely love it! As for the mohair wrap–it looks great. I’ve been sucked in as well!

I’ll have to make an entry just to praise your appletart. See, it was that good, that when I saw Cassie that evening at a performance of her BF, I didn’t go on about his mad skillz with a guitar, but about your apple tart. Y.U.M.M.Y.

woohoo! Sometimes there’s a reason so many people make something. I *love* my wrap and I have to say I’ve been converted. Usually I find mohair itchy, but not kid mohair! Looks great!!

I bought that issue of Rebecca, but who knows when I’ll get to that wrap. Yours looks fantastique!

oh my gosh…we have the same BIRTHDAY! I clicked on the TY link and just got goosebumps. Carson doesn’t HAVE a birthday, poor dear, so I get to choose one for him. I’m trying to decide if it should be the day he came home HERE or some other significant date. He’s a PROJECT, that’s for sure, but PURE LOVE already. I wish more people would adopt adult doggies…sigh.

Man I have been thinking that wrap is so cute too!! Too bad I am already quite vested in the other one (which I have not touched in ages) or I would follow along as well!