In the latest episode of Jackie Blue Goes To The Theatre, I saw Shockheaded Peter last night. Once again I say, if you’re in NYC, Go, Go! The show is great. It’s based on “Struwwelpeter” and is definitely a must for Edward Gorey/Roald Dahl/ Tim Burton fans. Go while the original cast is still in it (not much longer) – The Tiger Lillies are really amazing.
So an unexpected lull in work the last couple of days has left time to relax and actually KNIT. I’m up past the armholes on the mohair wrap back. You don’t need a photo. You’ve seen this sweater 90 times already.
I’m off to see some ladies at a new drafty table today. Can’t wait!

3 Responses to “O take the nasty soup away!”

O, woe is the Edward Gorey fan who probably won’t get to see this show. You’ll have to provide a detailed synopsis.

Huh? You guys know from Struwelpeter??!! Do you guys know Max & Moritz as well? I’m gobsmacked.

I can’t help but to say that first line in a British accent. That relevant (sp?) to nothing, but when you’re cut off from Bloglines ALL DAY AT WORK, you kind of go giddy with the comments at night.