It’s been down more than up for the past 2 weeks. I’m on dialup now (re: slooooooow). Thank god a tech is coming on Wed.

OK, so proof I have been knitting, a little. Here’s the wrap of the moment:
I think Em is gonna win this race. And that’s because I brought The Clap {tm} out of hiding:
Will this one EVER get done? I don’t think they’ll allow me to stay a Drafty Table Lady without it. And finally, just because I think it’s the cutest sleeping face in the world:

15 Responses to “Will my internet ever stay up?”

Ahhh…what a cute furr ball!

awww too cute. i think we are stuck at the same place on clapotis.

The Wrap is looking good. But the cutest photo on your page is, hands down, sleepy Ty.

Clearly, he’s not too fond of the time change either.

Sweet baby Ty! And it looks like that Clap is more done than you know–you’re almost there! And it’s looking FANTASTIC.

Ty is precious! Your projects look terrific!

The nice thing about C is that after the straight rows come DECREASE rows. I love projects where you have less and less to knit as you finish ’em up – really, it just flies along at the end.

And how cute is your little Ty guy?

We’ve been meaning to talk to you about your lack of Clapotis, you know. We’ve let you slide for this long because you’re so darned cute…but cuteness will only get you excused for so long, my dear.

What a cute puppy face! I love it when their hair gets all dreaded up like that, it’s not good for their hair, but so darned cute.

Ummm… am I supposed to be making a Clapotis also? Is it a Drafty lady requirement?

Oh, but I miss that little furball!

aw, that is too cute! projects: gorgeous.

I wondered what the Clap would look like in Vera – that’s what you’ve got there, yes? Lorna’s Laces? Great stuff – I did the Flower Basket Shawl from my skein of Vera Helen’s Lace, and was thinking of trying to use the rest of it up on some sort of wrap like Clapotis – of course it’s way too fine a yarn for that…but I may try to do a teeny weeny version….

How am I the last to this party? Clapper is looking grrrrrrrrrrreat. And really, once you start decreasing, you’l be done in an hour two. Because you won’t want to stop. You know, like riding a bike down hill. Or something, as really that’s not something I actually know anything about, but I know about Clapper!

Okay, I was ready to gush over your knits and then I saw the UTTER CUTENESS THAT IS TY.


P.S. 6 more weeks! 6 more weeks!

I’m the redhead that ran into y’all at The Point this morning, and I have to confess…all this time I have been pronouncing Clapotis “Clap-otis.” Ha! I now realize that sounds like a horrible disease. Of COURSE it’s pronounced “Clap-oh-tee.” I am an uncultured ass.

It was nice to meet the ladies that write the blogs I scan at work when I’d rather be knitting!

Wow! I recognize that colorway of Silk Garden. I did my Clapotis in that as well. Picking out those drop stitched are a little tricky with the mohair, but it’s just lovely!