It’s amazing how finally earning some cash can send me right back into old bad habits. When I’m not working these days, or knitting, I’m apparently a shopaholic. And I don’t even LIKE shopping much.

The tally for the last month or so –

4 pair of pants
4 skirts
1 dress
3 pair of shoes
2 trench jackets
4 tops

someone stop me!!

I also have a brand new scarf called Clapotis. Yes, I finished it over the weekend and luckily it’s been cool enough to wear the past couple of days. Photos to come – I didn’t like the shots I took the other day.

And I’ve been plugging away at the eyelet wrap and I’m up the second front piece – so add that to the tally pretty soon!

5 Responses to “I’m not dead, I’m just shopping”

At last…the final Clapotis is in place…soon we shall rule the world!

Quite simply, the reason is you need new clothes to wear with all the things you’ve knitted. Hee hee!

holy spending spree, batgirl. come to chicago – i need some serious help in the buying new clothes department.

Oh, yeah baby! Cannot wait to meet Clapotis.
I’m impressed with you making public your shopping therapy. I’ve bought some stuff in the last two months that I’m hiding from myself!

Ooh, I wanna see pictures!
What about Lisette?