OK, so y’all saw my posts on the socks that I made and sent off. But you might have wondered why I never posted about receiving my socks in the exchange. Well, they had gone lost, you see.

My most AMAZING sock pal, Polly, had made a stunning pair of socks for me, sent them off, and they were never to be seen again. But wonderful person that she is, she knit me a WHOLE NEW PAIR. And this time they arrived safe and sound, and looking gorgeous.


pollysocks.jpgLet me tell ya, those biscuits are yummy too, and look, a big honkin’ skein of more sock yarn! She’s the best. And Polly seemed really worried about the fit of the socks. Fear not, they are great. You rock, friend.

6 Responses to “Sockapalooza News!!”

Oh how funny, I remember reading the other side of the story on ATU. They are beautiful socks, and they match your blog colors very well :-).

Mmmmmmmmmmh. Jaffa cakes. Why are they making them in mini? That’s silly.

omg that’s awesome! i read the story on the other side and kept wondering who they were for. i’m so glad you got them (finally!) and that they fit so well 🙂

YAY!!! The Retro’s have arrived !! I am so relived that they have and that they fit and the colours do sort of match your blog 🙂

lucky you!!

oh they are LOVELY!
The sleepy faced picture is ADORABLE….
smoochies for your 3rd Blogiversary!
Thanks for the CAKE!