A bunch, and I do mean a BUNCH of us will be visiting Lord & Taylor (no, I do not get that venue at all…) this evening for the Yarn Harlot’s reading from her new book. If you see a big ole crowd of Drafty Ladies and F Train Girls, come over and say hi.

Meanwhile, I had a little seaming party here last night. And if the clients keep off me for awhile today, I may have a new mohair wrap to wear this evening. But more likely, you’ll see me sitting and knittng the long ties instead, because I really doubt I have the steam to finish them this afternoon. We shall see.

2 Responses to “A Harlot Visits NY”

F Train Girl checking in … and hoping to see you in something new tonight. We gotta knit socks in front of the Harlot. I got two going on, you can borrow one.

Saw you over at Cassie’s — woot! Sounds like the night was a blast!