Finished this after a knitty weekend beginning with the Yarn Harlot reading (it was a fabulous night – nothing to be said that hasn’t already and others have posted great photos too) and a rainy day knitting jaunt with friends on Saturday.
That pained expression on my face was high wind and a chill in the air. Perfect day for mohair, though.
So what’s next? Well, someone was really a bad girl on Saturday.

14 Responses to “It’s a Wrap”

I’ll call it: glamorous. You done with half of a front already?

Looks great, both in the photo and in real life. How’s the stockinette treating you?

looks wonderful. cool pic! i have seen so many turn out differently. i hope mine works out to look just like that.

Very nice. And the color looks good on you.

Gorgeous cardi! It fits you really well.

Great fit and great colour for you too.
But inquiring minds what to know, what is that Rowan yarn for ? It’s the cashsoft isn’t it?

Now I get it. I’ve seen a bunch of these in progress and not really *seen* it, but it looks fantastic on you.
As for your badness – cash soft or cash cotton? I am obsessed with the cash cotton. I am starting to think I want to knit a cardigan in 4-ply cotton, which shows you the power of its magic.

Great photo & great wrap. That’s it – I gotta get mine going before it gets too freakin’ hot for mohair.

Gorgeous, as always.

Um…if I’m really good, can I fondle your Rowan?

Fabulous sweater! Looks great on, color is perfect, pose is stunning and sophisticated!

It looks wonderful on you!

FAB! Looks great on you! Well done!!

wow the little wrappy is a perfect fit! love the color choice on the new yarn… 🙂 SEE YOU FRIDAY!?!?!?!?

Didn’t scroll far enough to see the yarn….but is that purple or pink? Love your mohair wrap! It’s so cute! I don’t have enough bust to wear that style properly.