I’m making this.
It’s the Cashcotton DK that made me pull out my wallet. It’s not quite as yummy as the Cash Soft but it’s really nice. I’m enjoying working with it so far, despite the mindnumbingly boring stockinette stitch that seems to go on FOREVER, and I only just started! Down one ball, 9 to go. I wanted a mindless project for getting together with friends or vegging in front of the TV. Most of my other WIPs are lace or cables. People who know me KNOW that lace knitting and conversation don’t get along where I am concerned. I know people are sick of watching me unknit more than knit. So, mindless SS it will be for awhile. A long while. Though I really should break out the other projects when I’m alone at home. But I kinda really want to wear this one, ya know? Even though I should know better, I can never do long sleeves in summer. Perhaps in air conditioning though, and it IS a cardi of sorts…hmmm.

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This is the perfect take-along to the movies and restaurants in the summer. Not to mention the office. NYC is brutal in the summer, and the AC to combat it? Moreso.

I’m with Gina–I have yet to test out my office’s AC, but I’m betting I’m going to need a lot of little light sweaters like this–aha! I’ve found my summer knitting!

OR you could be laz–I MEAN… um… well yeah, lazy like me and knit 3/4 length sleeves on everything. I live in Texas though, and can only wear long sleeves about a month out of the year.

Just a thought!

Cardis are great year round! I know what you mean though, I’ve just started a tank in PhilRuban myself. It’s boring St but I’m pretty excited about the possibility of wearing it. It’s getting mighty warm around here! Is your cardi in purple too?

Are you done with a front yet?

Well…..what color is it going to be?