What do two crazy NYC knitbloggers do when all the rest of the knit blog world is off at MDSW? Well you might think knit, or yarn shop locally, but in the case of Valentina and I, it’s EAT. We both love food and enjoy cooking, so we decided to use her more spacious kitchen than mine, and cook together. Her hubby invited some friends so there were more people to experiment on, and a small dinner party was born.
Valentina cooking.

Risotto with asparagus, proscuitto, and fontina, one of my contributions.

Valentina made a delicious pork tenderloin braised in milk, and broccoli rabe with cherries. I didn’t get a shot of the dandelion greens/arugula salad.

I made two kinds of gelato – chocolate/hazelnut, and zabaglione.
diners.jpgHappy diners.
It was a great time and made me forget we were missing sheep, yarn, and other bloggers. There’s always Rhinebeck!
Stay tuned for why I decided to skip MDSW. I’m going someplace even better.

5 Responses to “Food Happens”

Good Morning! Ah, it was fun and delicious. Despite the inferior hazelnut gelato ;p
(no, people, it was outstanding!)

it was awesome to see you on friday!!!!!!!!!

My goodness! That looks like one impressive menu.

I loved meeting you on Friday. That menu is making my mouth water. You really didn’t miss much at Maryland. Really. It wasn’t that great. (do you believe me?) Hey, listen, though: You’re the lucky one going to Paris, and we’ll all be the jealous ones THEN!

Mmmm… I’m sorry you forgot and left the gelato here. I’ll take care of it for you. 🙂