Well it’s been a wonderful and very knitterly and bloggy month so far. Starting with the Harlot reading although that was technically still April, I’ve met a whole wonderful bunch of people these past few weeks.

Although I couldn’t get to Maryland, various bloggers have been passing through on their way too and from and it’s been such a pleasure meeting new friends and seeing some old ones. On Friday, Carolyn stopped by with Norma, who is just as fabulous as everyone made her out to be.

And Monday night, I *finally* got to meet Rachael in person, along with her gal Lala, and they are just the best.

My photos didn’t come out too well but Cari has some great ones.

Later this month, Jenn will pay a visit. It’s up in the air whether or not I’ll get to see her this time around, but she’s moving back soon (right, Jenn?) so if I can’t, I’ll stay patient. The reason I may not see her, and the reason I missed Maryland, is that I’m going on a little visit myself.

I will be having a week long slumber party with Becky and Bonne Marie, in PARIS. We leave on the 20th.

Isn’t May the best month?

Oh, and yeah, I’ve been knitting in the midst of all this socializing. The endless, mindless St St is coming in handy after all. And here’s the first result.


6 Responses to “May is for Bloggers”

Purdy! One down, four to go!

Hasn’t all this yarny socializing been great? Be sure to hug Becky for me when you see her.

Just a little over a week! It’s gonna be a blast. I got myself some more camera memory ‘specially 🙂

P.S. Have you decided what knitting you’re gonna bring? I’m still agonizing over what projects to take! Aaaaah! Must make sure it’s something easy so I don’t screw anything up with the kir royals I’ll be drinkin’ 😉

wow! i can’t believe you’re already done with the back!! you are a speed demon, mon amie. why don’t you knit something my size while you’re in paris? then it’ll be as if i was there too! 🙂 hee hee heee

SO good to meet you the other night. Oh, I miss NY already….

I am a lurker sent over from Cari (dogs steal yarn) a while back after seeing a gorgeous knit of yours! And since I read the surprise I figured I would extend the same offer to all three of you 🙂

If you would like since I live here I can give tips on places to eat and see that are slightly off the touristed path (but that I consider MUST do’s) and about a KIP. Maybe it is special just for you but there will actually be a Café Tricoter on the 21st if you wanted to go. It is at a bookstore by Opera 🙂

I hope you truly enjoy the town and your trip here!