I’ve been too busy wrapping up work before my vacation and taking care of last minute trip purchases to do any knitting lately. I’m not leaving till Friday, but I feel like I should have at least started packing and planning what I’m bringing, and not a thing has been put aside yet. No lists made. Laundry not done yet. Oh well, at least there’s tomorrow. If I was a frequent traveler as I used to be I would probably not stress and just throw things in a bag a couple of hours before leaving. But I haven’t been away for a week in over 3 years, and I’m a little anxious. Only a little. Aside from leaving Ty for a week, I really need this, and it’s going to be a blast.

So I’m walking back from some errands before and I see this. You can’t tell from the crappy cell phone photo but they are crocheted Ugg copies. OK, I wasn’t the biggest Ugg hater because they are so warm and comfortable for hanging outdoors with the dog in winter. BUT CROCHETED?? Summer knitted boots? What the freakin’ hell?
I probably won’t have much more to say before I leave on Friday. I need to decide what projects come with me (baby blanket squares, likely – Rowan Deli in progress? New project? I dunno!) and then I probably won’t be online there unless I find an internet cafe to stop in briefly.

3 Responses to “In a knitting lull”

Last week, I saw a woman wearing Ugs with what was clearly a summer outfit. Now, I’m no fashionista (people who know me are laughing heartily at the suggestion) but Ugs for summer just seem wrong.

Have a great trip!! I guess I haven’t seen you in ages…the new hair looks fab!!

Uggs = Uggggly. Especially in summer. I agree with Colleen… don’t people realize how utterly ridiculous they look wearing sheepskin boots with tank tops and shorts?

As for the trip, there’s nothing to be anxious about. Have a fabulous time!