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May is for Bloggers

Posted by jackie blue on May 11th, 2005

Well it’s been a wonderful and very knitterly and bloggy month so far. Starting with the Harlot reading although that was technically still April, I’ve met a whole wonderful bunch of people these past few weeks.

Although I couldn’t get to Maryland, various bloggers have been passing through on their way too and from and it’s been such a pleasure meeting new friends and seeing some old ones. On Friday, Carolyn stopped by with Norma, who is just as fabulous as everyone made her out to be.

And Monday night, I *finally* got to meet Rachael in person, along with her gal Lala, and they are just the best.

My photos didn’t come out too well but Cari has some great ones.

Later this month, Jenn will pay a visit. It’s up in the air whether or not I’ll get to see her this time around, but she’s moving back soon (right, Jenn?) so if I can’t, I’ll stay patient. The reason I may not see her, and the reason I missed Maryland, is that I’m going on a little visit myself.

I will be having a week long slumber party with Becky and Bonne Marie, in PARIS. We leave on the 20th.

Isn’t May the best month?

Oh, and yeah, I’ve been knitting in the midst of all this socializing. The endless, mindless St St is coming in handy after all. And here’s the first result.


Food Happens

Posted by jackie blue on May 8th, 2005

What do two crazy NYC knitbloggers do when all the rest of the knit blog world is off at MDSW? Well you might think knit, or yarn shop locally, but in the case of Valentina and I, it’s EAT. We both love food and enjoy cooking, so we decided to use her more spacious kitchen than mine, and cook together. Her hubby invited some friends so there were more people to experiment on, and a small dinner party was born.
Valentina cooking.

Risotto with asparagus, proscuitto, and fontina, one of my contributions.

Valentina made a delicious pork tenderloin braised in milk, and broccoli rabe with cherries. I didn’t get a shot of the dandelion greens/arugula salad.

I made two kinds of gelato – chocolate/hazelnut, and zabaglione.
diners.jpgHappy diners.
It was a great time and made me forget we were missing sheep, yarn, and other bloggers. There’s always Rhinebeck!
Stay tuned for why I decided to skip MDSW. I’m going someplace even better.

Since you asked…

Posted by jackie blue on May 2nd, 2005

I’m making this.
It’s the Cashcotton DK that made me pull out my wallet. It’s not quite as yummy as the Cash Soft but it’s really nice. I’m enjoying working with it so far, despite the mindnumbingly boring stockinette stitch that seems to go on FOREVER, and I only just started! Down one ball, 9 to go. I wanted a mindless project for getting together with friends or vegging in front of the TV. Most of my other WIPs are lace or cables. People who know me KNOW that lace knitting and conversation don’t get along where I am concerned. I know people are sick of watching me unknit more than knit. So, mindless SS it will be for awhile. A long while. Though I really should break out the other projects when I’m alone at home. But I kinda really want to wear this one, ya know? Even though I should know better, I can never do long sleeves in summer. Perhaps in air conditioning though, and it IS a cardi of sorts…hmmm.

It’s a Wrap

Posted by jackie blue on May 1st, 2005

Finished this after a knitty weekend beginning with the Yarn Harlot reading (it was a fabulous night – nothing to be said that hasn’t already and others have posted great photos too) and a rainy day knitting jaunt with friends on Saturday.
That pained expression on my face was high wind and a chill in the air. Perfect day for mohair, though.
So what’s next? Well, someone was really a bad girl on Saturday.