You can’t go to Paris without shopping, and when you have three knit bloggers, shopping is going to be mostly knitting related. Sure, I bought other things – a couple of scarves, lots of expensive chocolate, a print for my wall, and a cool antique soap sign (repro of course) for my bathroom. I was on a quest for shoes since the Arche shoes I like are cheaper there, but alas, a couple of attempts to buy in the big dept. stores didn’t result in any I liked, and I never made it to the boutiques. I fell in love with a pair of shoes in a store near our place, but they didn’t have my size. I forgot to note the designer in case I wanted to search for them. And well, if you’ve read Bonne Marie’s blog, I lost out on a great pair of retro pumps. At least they got a great home. The shoe gods were just NOT looking out for me.

But the knitting gods were. Look what I found at our first shopping stop, the flea market at Port du Vanves. And for only 10 Euro.
At the same flea market, we found a great vendor that had antique buttons and trimmings. After much sifting through, I came away with these:
I don’t know what they’ll be used for, but they sure are pretty.
A trip to Le Bon Marche with the Paris knitters resulted in only some Phildar magazines and three skeins of Anny Blatt for a scarf. How’s that for restraint? But, it just didn’t feel right. I mean, here I had all the Phildar at my disposal that I can’t get at home unless I mail order from overseas, and then shipping is high, so why aren’t I buying more? Remedy that with a trip to a Phildar boutique in our neighborhood on our last full day. There I bought enough Reliefs and Phil Lin to make 2 tanks. I started one. I’ll save that post for another day.

6 Responses to “Paris Highlights #2 – Shopping”

WHAT a SCORE! When are we having a winding up yarn skeins party? Hm?

Ok I am definitely going to have to get me to the Marche aux Puces at Porte de Vanves now! what a steal you made 🙂

I’m so jealous of your fleamarket score! What a fabulous find. And that Phil Lin is absolutely beautiful. What pattern do you have in mind for it?

Hmmm…I think you should bring your new mags to show off at The Point on Sunday.

Those buttons are so pretty you could just display them on the cards! Great deal on the swift.

Wow your trip pictures are great! Sounds like you were in knitters paradise! Welcome home!

ahh, you lucky dog!

the new phildar mag looks pretty great. and those rainbow buttons look like candy, so cute!