So I’m still plugging away at the Cash Cotton cardi but with summer finally arrived, my thoughts turn to lightweight knitting and bare pieces that I can wear NOW. So it was no surprise that when I got home with all that Phildar, it would come out immediately.

It was a pretty knitty weekend and so I finished one side of the Phildar Reliefs tank. It’s just a simple scoop neck stockinette tank, but with that weird ass yarn, you get a garment that is already getting a lot of attention from people around me. It’s really cool looking in person.
It’s also surprisingly spongy and drapey. Despite it’s 100% polymide makeup, I think it will be a cool tank for hot weather. We’ll see. The back (or front?) is just like this piece, so it should go fairly quickly on the 6mm needles.
Will report back soon!

12 Responses to “Funky”

It’s just so cool! And the yarn defies gravity when thrown off of the roof!

That is just so wacky cool. I love it!

I love it – the chiclets effect of the yarn is so fun – perfect for summer!

Whoa! I am digging that texture.

It’s going to look fabulous on you. The texture is amazing.

I love that yarn, did you see the tunic type shirt in the Phildar Tendances using that yarn?

Lovin’ that yarn! Looks like Paris was good to you.

i like the same pattern liz is referring to (i don’t wear tanks so really there’s no point in me making them)

Love that yarn! We used to have a Phildar shop over here, but when knitting took a nose dive in popularity back in the ’80’s it closed 🙁 Still there is always the internet!

That yarn is so intriguing, and very fun to touch in person. Can’t wait to see it on! And thanks for the good Tendances fix the other day.

PANT Pant pant…

That is looking SO GOOD!!!

And you are going to have it done in no time at all! BRAVA!

I am suffering from more extreme yarn envy (as I’m wailing away on #5 needles and the Phi Lin…)

That is awesome yarn!!! You are going to look totally hot in that tank!!