Well, Ty is still walking slowly and favoring his foot a bit – I think it will be a few days before he’s feeling better, but he’s eating well, begging for food still, and playing with his ball a bit, so I think whatever’s ailing him is definitely a sore leg and not anything gastric. I’m hoping he shows more improvement every day. I’m just baffled about what could have happened to him when I was out.
So here’s where the knitting stands so far. The back of the Phil Lin sleeveless sweater.
Thrilling, isn’t it? I’m much more excited about the front, which at least has some visual interest.
There will still be bands around the armholes and the neck, so I have a way to go with this – but I think it will be a very flattering, and cool and comfortable summer sweater. I’m going to try and finish in the next week or so.

5 Responses to “Dogs & Knitting”

Poor, poor Ty – maybe he overdid it with the channel-surfing. Hope he continues to mend, just keep him away from the remote.

Phil LIn’s front looks like it’s shaping up to be very nice indeed.

Oh, I’m so glad to hear Ty’s OK. He might have actually stepped on something while you were out on a walk and didn’t show symptoms until later or even the next day. As long as he’s eating and playing, you have little to worry about! 🙂

When my BF’s mom’s dog, Joey, (yes, I know – very distant relations to me) comes to visit in a month or so, I would love a play date with Ty. Your puppy’s too cute.

I love your Phildar tank! I am oh so jealous not only about your trip to Par-ee – but the yarns!! Your Phil Lin sweater is gorgeous – and I really love the green Reliefs tank too. Have you finished it? It is really so striking – maybe I missed it, but where did you get the pattern? Was it in one of the Summer Phildar magazines?

Oh, poor Ty! I hope he’ll be ok. April Bichon sends him healing kisses from Florida!