1. Knitting with my girls, including a special guest.
2. Seeing Broadway shows like The Glass Menagerie with no need for travel or special occasions.
3. The Mermaid Parade out in Coney Island.

Alison and Em in Coney Island

4. A birthday party with delicious food for a cool friend’s cool husband.
5. A dog that seems to be feeling much better.
6. Strained yogurt with fresh figs and honey for breakfast every day.
7. The Renegade Crafts Fair with rockin’ friends.
anklet.jpg8. A pretty bracelet bought at the fair that was too big for my wrist, but makes an awesome ankle bracelet
9. A finished Phil Lin front.
10. Knowing that I have many more good times ahead, because I have such great people around me.

9 Responses to “10 things that make a weekend rock”

that’s one great weekend!

Nice post. 🙂 #10 is wonderful point!! Your new jewlery is beautiful!

Great post, and you’re absolutely right: each and every one of those things rocks. This was a great weekend. And you finished the front! It’s beautiful.

sounds awesome, lucky girl.

love that top and so glad you had a lovely weekend!

Glad you had a fun weekend, though SAD I had to miss the Mermaid Parade (again). Want to come here for 4th of July? 🙂

Good times, cute anklet, and pretty top! Sounds like you had the perfect weekend, Jackie!

Your new bracelet/anklet is gorgeous! Do you remember the name of the vendor at all?

Love the ankle bracelet – it’s so pretty! Looks like you’ve been busy with lots of things (and I still love the colour of your blog, it’s so relaxing).