I have no knitting content today. I am still finishing up arm bands and a neck band for the Phil Lin tank. I haven’t worked on anything else in days. I figure I’ll let you know what else I do with my time.

Yesterday, I bought a sixteenth of a cow. I tell ya, you haven’t lived till you’re in a Brooklyn Heights studio surrounded by 1200 lbs. of frozen steaks. 20 or so people crowded around these 3 sides of beef and divided up cuts. It’s all hormone and antibiotic free. My share must weigh about 40 lbs. or so. At the same time, steaks were cooking in the broiler, cut up into little pieces, and passed around like hors d’oeuvres. Insanity. Heaven.

Yes, I know my freezer needs defrosting AGAIN. It’s not frost free, dammit, and it’s a huge pain. I also have no idea how my ice cream maker canister is going to fit back in there, and as we all know, you must have the ability to make ice cream at any given moment.

So that’s what I do when I’m not knitting. Anyone got a grill?

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I’m volunteering Cassie!!
I’m volunteering me to cook anything you don’t want to grill!!

Hot damn, that’s a lotta meat!

my parents often get 1/2 or 1/4 cow given to them as a christmas present. nothing better than being able to tell the butcher exactly how you’d like your meat cut! 🙂

Can’t believe nobody’s said it yet, but Holy Cow!

Um, wasn’t this an I Love Lucy episode?

Well, I was going to offer up my grill, but V beat me to it. You know you’re welcome to take advantage of the grill, even though I don’t do cow. Extra points for ice cream, if the logistics work out…I can’t imagine how…

De-lurking here to let you know I about fell over when I saw this picture – had a little deja-vu moment from childhood when we lived on a kinda-sorta-farm in GA and my mother decided buying cows to raise and then sell “on the block” (i.e. as lots of steak). We had 2 – she named them Porterhouse and T-bone so my brothers and sisters and I wouldn’t get too attached. (We did anyway). They used to get out of the fence and go wandering through the neighborhood, and my father would get the call:
“Your cows are in my yard again”
Deep sigh. “We’ll be right there.”
(My father is a city boy to the bone. Cows were NOT his idea.)
One day we came home and the cows were gone and the freezer was full. Even great steak is not the same when you have chased its big brown eyes through the neighborhood. All 5 of us kids refused to eat one bite of it. My father, however, grilled happily every night.

man, mindy beat me to it…
wow, that’s a boatload o’ cow! grilled steak…delovely indeed.

and there I was thinking that my mom was the only one that did this kind of thing…. !

When I was young my parents used to buy half a cow at a time and my uncle who was a butcher used to come and cut it up in our garage. It would be an all night job with hime filleting, sawing slicing etc, mum mincing away and i used to have the job of bagging up the mince and stewing steak into 1 1b bags. The only problem was of course we always seemed to run out of steaks long before the mince and other stuff was gone!

Frost-free freezers “burn” meat, dehydrating the outer surfaces and not in a tasty way. Frosty ones treat it more nicely. Your share will last longer than mine, Jackie.

I love how Janine’s childhood beef-slaughtering anecdote manages to include a sewing reference.

you, my dear, are my hero. my freezer bows down to the meaty goodness you have set before us. damn – if there’s ever another slaughterfest, let me know. *wink*

I’ve got to look into doing this for myself. I’ve been buying it a package at a time, and I’m sure it’s much more economical this way. Freezer space, though, is a problem. Hm…have to figure something out. I love it, though, that you can get good clean, hormone-and-antibiotic-free sides of beef in the city!