Back from a weekend at the beach, where knitting took place, both on the sand and on the terrace and even indoors. Enough to finish all the pieces of the Phil Lin shell.

I know these pieces fit together somehow. I know it’s going to be smashing when done.
But the beach has tired me out, so much that I skipped *two* parties today, and the evening one had a perfect view of the fireworks. Sigh. I’m pooped. I’ll see ya when I have the energy to seam.

10 Responses to “A puzzle”

So many pieces… Phildar does not believe in little to no finishing. 🙂 However, I still do love Phildar! Can’t wait to see your FO.

Phil’lin seems an interesting yarn. Looks very cool. Don’t know how but somehow I managed to resist it. I think it was the thought all the summer yarns that I had at home.

The pink is lovely.

I can’t remember what the finished Phil Lin is supposed to look like, so now those strappy things are totally perplexing me. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

i had a prime seat for the fireworks sunday night in milwaukee and they were very exhausting to watch with all the noise and the bright lights and the screaming 3 year old who was terrified….

p.s. i take it all the strappage is the neckband and bands around the armholes???

Whatever those pieces are, they sure are a pretty color! Phildar does make some lovely stuff, that’s for sure.

Oh, the attached ribbing. Terribly pretty, but I do not envy you the finishing to come.

Will we get to see a modeled shot? I look forward to seeing how it all comes together.

I am just adoring that color….

This beautiful suggestion of things to come has inspired me to start knitting a tank from a pattern magazine I found on my mother’s bookshelf from 1973. Wheee! I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s all put together.

ooooo that is so pretty! Good work!