So the Phil Lin shell was altered again and the arm holes are fine now, but as you can see here, there’s a weird blip on the side where the seams were taken in. I’m going to give my mother one more crack at getting rid of the blip, but I guess the sweater is going to be what it is. And that, my friends, isn’t going to be one of my favorites. Live and learn. (I’m actually wearing another tank under it here, lest everyone think I’ve gained 50 lbs. Well, I probably have, but you know, it’s the extra layer).
And do to all my shawl envy, I’ve acquired this. Three kinds of Knit Picks yarn for shawling.
The variegated is Shimmer in Maple Leaf, the green is Alpaca Cloud in Moss (and oh, it’s lovely, it makes me not regret passing up some silk/cashmere recently) and the brown is Andean Treasure.
Can’t wait to make LACE.
Meanwhile, I have been knitting, on those baby blanket squares. I’ll save that post for next week, so I have something to post about!

13 Responses to “Well it’ll have to do”

Well, alterations aside, it looks great. In fact I’m not even seeing the blip.

I think it looks great too, and I’m still searching for the blip.

And I kind of think you’ll still be back for the cashmere/silk when they get some new colors.

Yeah, what blip? It looks fantastic!

Your shawling haul looks wonderful…I think I might have to saunter over to the Knitpicks site and take a peek myself…

I’m not really seeing the blip, either. I think the Phil Lin looks wonderful.

I’m also drooling over your Knit Picks choices — especially the very Canadian “Maple Leaf” colourway. 🙂

The tank is goregoeus. You ar ethe only one that notices the blip. I love your Knit Picks yarn. The shimmer is is beauitful – perfect for fall!

I’m thinking the top looks pretty fabulous – either you just happened to photograph it from its best angle, or it’s not as bad as you think. Pretty, pretty shawl haul – can’t wait to see what you do with it!

I think that top is absoutely adorable. You did a great job (despite what you seem to think) 🙂

Wow! The Phil Lin looks fantastic! You do NOT look 50lbs heavier. The tank is very flattering.

If you hadn’t said there was a blip, I wouldn’t have seen it. The tank looks fantastic! Great color.

It’s so flattering on you, especially the color. And I see no “blip” at all (doubtful anyone else would see it either).

I think it is pretty… heck I might even copy you and make it… but not in phil lin 🙂 I dont have a seamstress mom!

I was trying to see the blip so hard and I was pretending it was there, but really I never found it. It was like looking for waldo, a lovely puzzle photo! I am really liking that pattern, sorry to hear you are not thrilled with it though.

The tank looks FANTASTIC on you. I love the ribbing details. I’ve been waiting and waiting for a finished shot of this, and then I realized today that you dropped off of my Bloglines subs (how? why?) No wonder I hadn’t seen it yet :-).