…I’ve just been knitting Ene’s. The border. At least 5 times. You know, the problem with the yarn has been worked out by doubling and I decided it didn’t need to be as dense as the original model (of which I ordered samples of that lace yarn and it’s so not lace, it’s at least fingering if not sport, and I didn’t like it much) but also because at 375 stitches, and doing a lot of them backwards (oh, it’s so fun being left handed) – there’s a lot of margin for mistakes. Like forgotton yarn overs. I’m really making ripping a competitive sport.
But, I’m continuing it. And I’ll have photos soon.
Speaking of photos, new Rowan books up at Colourway. It’s good thing I haven’t absolutely fallen in love with any of it yet, because I DID fall in love with the cover capelet in this new book. The book is in my possesion, and the capelet will be mine. Oh yes it will.

8 Responses to “No, I haven’t disappeared…”

Aha, so you did buy the book! Do you have yarn in stash for the capelet?

i’m not in love w/ any of it either. or only with the ones that are just your basic striped sweater and who needs yet another pattern for that at this point. see you SOON.

You know, I really wanted Ene’s shawl when I first got that book, and I bought yarn for it, and now I’m thinking…I don’t need that tsurris.

I was just blogging that I was anxious to start Ene’s but I think one lace shawl at a time is a good policy.

That capelet is very cute. I was just looking at it at the bookstore today. Although it’s in the “Applique” section which is Nicky-speak for “you’ll be sewing more than you’ll be knitting.”

Ouch…you know I feel your pain.

Once the border is done, it’s really painless.

That book is on its way to me…Canadian ponies are slow, though…I can’t wait!

What will you use to knit the capelet?

Oh, that cover. It’s such a beautiful book. I want to paint my room in that pink. No, seriously. I’m going to paint my room THAT PINK!!!!

Can’t wait to see pictures of the shawl!!!

i can’t wait until you make the capelet so i can ogle it and touch it. it’s so you! that book looks awesome.