Really, I should. But I’ve ripped this $&!!;! shawl so many times it just doesn’t grow much. Still, it’s looking lovely enough that I just can’t give up. It’s clear though that lace knitting and me just aren’t well suited. I’m ADD girl and I have this nasty habit of putting things down in the middle of rows. And dropping stitches galore. And doing yarnovers where there shouldn’t be one.

I’m also working on Deli’s first sleeve, but that’s just boring SS, nothing to show here. I really want that one wearable as soon as the first chill hits the air. Which should be oh, about December. (yes, it’s still friggin’ HOT here.)

In other news, Knitpicks has released their Fall line. OHHHH, cashmere and alpaca. The yarns looks gorgeous, the colors just OK. But I have no room for any more yarn until I use up a lot. I mean, seriously.

9 Responses to “I should have much more than this”

Yeah, you’re right. I don’t love the colors.

I’m pretending the new KnitPicks yarn don’t exist. I DO NOT need more yarn right now. Oy vey. MUST knit the stash down, at least a bit…

Thank god the colors don’t call out to me, because my jaw dropped when I saw the cashmere.

Who’s Deli? You stopped ripping Ene now, yes? OK, gotta go check Knitpicks now.

You and I will have to start the Sanitorium for Those Who Cannot Knit Lace. I am not going to look at KnitPicks. I have to go through my ridiculous stash (especially in light of the fact that I don’t seem to KNIT ANYTHING) and pare it down. No purchases! But I would like to see you keep trying on that above beautiful shawl. It is looking gorgeous. I love the oatmealy color, too. What yarn?

it’s just gorgeous. wow.

i agree about the knitpicks colors, though I do like their new sock yarn (the self-striping one). that said, i shouldn’t buy yarn for a year. ok, not a year. but you know what i mean.

Ene looks fantastic. I don’t know how to tell you to keep going, but its beautiful, really. I’m not going to look at Knitpicks, I’m not going to look, I’m not I’mnot, imnot…..

It looks lovely. I’m certain it will be worth the headaches. I can hardly wait to see the finished product.

Oh so pretty, that’s all I can say.