Lack of work the past couple of weeks makes for a lot of knitting time. If my attention span and tendancy to rip were a little different, I’d be done with Ene’s by now. But look, we are almost there!
I think I can get this done by this weekend, so it will be a perfect birthday present for myself. Yeah, one of those days coming up pretty quickly.
I’ve also been working on the Deli sleeves when knitting in public so the second sleeve is underway. My goal is to have that one done for Rhinebeck. Which is less than two months away! Gah! I’d better use up a lot of yarn by then. And, get some more work so I can pay for more yarn. Hmmm. Guess that means I’d better get my ass in gear and work on my (other) site redesign. When all I really want to do is knit lace.

7 Responses to “Almost in the home stretch”

I hear ya on the “all I want to do”. And on the “use up yarn before Rhinebeck”.

Wow, that is beautiful! and happy birthday 🙂

I expect to see you wearing Ene when I see you next. Because DAMN girl, you knit it FAST! I’m blown away by the difference between this picture and the last you posted.


It’s looking great. Mine is not as far along but I’m hoping to catch up to you really soon.

Stunning, darling.

It looks gorgeous.

Use up yarn? Isn’t that some kind of myth?

It is looking beautiful. I’m thinking about starting it (even got some lovely yarn for it), but I’ve never worked from a chart before. In your experience, would this be a good place to start charted lace knitting? Or should I practice on something else?