Against my will, I turn 40 today. I assure you, it’s chronologically only.ty_me_8.19.05.jpg
Now go wish my birthday twin, Cari, a Happy Birthday too. I had a great time tonight sharing our birthday, surrounded by people I didn’t know a year ago and who I wouldn’t trade for the world now. I love you, friends. I am so lucky to have met so many people through this little hobby I have called knitting, and the impulse to put up a site about it. A blog about knitting? Who is going to read that? Thankfully, so many wonderful people have. And I am astounded at the friendships I have made through this.
It’s also three years of togetherness with the best dog in the world, Ty. I had no idea the bond we would have, the joy he would bring me. I truly am a lucky girl.

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Happy birthday!

Happiest to you from the West Coast!

have a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary–and here’s to many more!

happy birthday, jackie!

Happy birthday to us! I tried to post a happy birthday to us post and my #&%$^ blog is broken. And the comments are busted too! I have no idea what’s going on… feh. To be dealt with on a day that isn’t our birthday.

Have a wonderful day! I loved sharing our party with you last night.

Dude. Thanks for the waffles. 🙂

You can’t be 40. No way.

(said the 38 and a half year old…who really doesn’t want to think about how close 40 is. Chronology bites. ;-)) Happy birthday again 🙂

40 is the new 30, so wear it proudly!!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, baby! I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you! Love you so much! Enjoy your day.

You’re a mere babe. (says the 46-year-old — how CAN that be?!) Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday.

happy birthday to you… Aug 20 is a very popular knitting bloggeuse birthday ..not just cari but lifelong knitter Greta, sweetgirls knits Jessamyn and me too 😉

Happy birthday, Jackie! What a great photo of you two, and happy anniversary, too!

Happy birthday! I had my fingers crossed for decent weather for you today…guess that wasn’t so effective, but at least no rain?!

De-lurking to wish you a good one! I’m 40 on the 22nd, so we’re birthday cousins of sorts 🙂 Here’s to a bunch of fabulous Leos!

Happy, happy birthday and anniversary!!!!

Happy Birthday. Numbers, schmubers…who cares? You look great!

Happy birthday! Welcome to the 40 club (I’m a new member myself).

Happy, happy, happy birthday and Ty-day. It’s only chronology. We know you’re a spring chicken really.

Happy Belated Birthday…..z Bichon is the best friend anyone could have….mine is nine….how did I ever live without him…..Happy 40th!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Nothing like that bond with a wonderful pet.

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day!

Happy Birthday Jackie! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Happy Happy Birthday… I hope I look as gorgeous as you do when I hit 40!

Happy Birthday to you!

40?!? Nope, don’t believe it. No way, no how.

Happy Birthday!

happy birthday!!

I hope it was a very happy birthday! I see you’re not wearing Ene’s in the picture – did you finish it this weekend? It’s going to be lovely!

Happy Birthday!!

MWAH! That is an incredible picture of you. If this is what 40 looks like, I will not be afraid!

what a pretty photo! Happy birthday!

Many happy returns of the day.

I hope your whole weekend was appropriately celebratory.

Happy happy birthday! I have been enjoying your blog so much, so glad you decided to do it!

Happy birthday! S’dnyom razdenya! I’m late, but I don’t care! I’m full of caffeine! Wooooooo!