The gates of freelance work have opened up (why oh why BEFORE Labor Day? Isn’t anyone on vacation?) and I’m buried under virtual piles of work.
But I’m managing a lot of knitting in between. Wouldn’t have guessed, have you? Well it’s pointless to show the progress on Deli’s sleeves. Mile and miles of purple stockinette. But trust me when I say I’m halfway through the second sleeve and soon will be working on miles and miles of lace trim. I want to have this one done for Rhinebeck. We are staying the weekend this year, yay!

There’s also piles of this.
11.5 squares to go. The baby was born over a month ago. But they don’t need this till cold weather, so it’s OK, right? How long is acceptable to wait to give a baby gift? I’m knitting as fast as I can!
I also need to prioritize the rest of my piles of projects. For a start I think I have the short list:

  • Finish the squares, sew together, knit endless border.
  • Finish Deli sleeves and lace, and finishing in time for Oct. 14
  • Pick up long neglected Lisette and finsh that one
  • Secret project I can’t blog about
  • Another secret project I can’t blog about
  • Pick up bulky cabley sweater coat I started last year

Hmm… I think this will get me through winter.

4 Responses to “Piles”

That is going to be one cute baby blanket. I love the colors.

Of course it works out that you don’t get vacation when other people do. The world just works that way.

Who are you staying with at Rhinebeck? Are you staying at the same hotel as me?

The squares look great! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Hello? Where have you been? :p

hush hush whisper whisper knit knit hush hush