There’s always something sad to me about Labor Day weekend. It’s not that I’m not looking forward to Fall. Fall is my favorite season, and I love the clothing (sweaters!! scarves!) and I have so many things to look forward to (out of towners visiting, brunches, a knitting cruise, RHINEBECK!) but I guess growing up a beach girl, I will always associate Labor Day with the true end of summer, and the end of frolicking in the ocean. Sure, it could be 90 degrees tomorrow. But my weekends will be spent home now.

This LD weekend was productive in the knitting dept. My mother helped me with that baby blanket by sewing together 14 of the finished squares. I have 9.5 more to knit, and it’s coming along. I also have been working on a pair of socks. Yes, it must be Fall.


Just look at those colors. Loving it.

5 Responses to “End of summer blues”

Oooo, is that the sock? It’s very handsome! What is that delectable yarn?

that’s gorgeous. is that regular ribbing? fancy ribbing? WHAT IS IT!? i must know. what kind of yarn. love love love it. 🙂

(enthusiastic? me?)

That is just beeyootiful. Looks like a forest in a sock 🙂

I still feel a sense of letdown around Labor Day, as if my summer vacation (which no longer exists as it did in my student days) is over. Nostalgic, isn’t it?


Oh, and if you could cc: me on your response to Carolyn … thanks!