This is the state of the Deli sweater. I need about 100 miles of this stuff. It’s an easy 4 row repeat but oh, so boring. I’ll break it up with baby blanket squares (8 to go) and perhaps a little more of that sock (turned the heel, onto the foot now) but I’m not allowing myself to work on anything else till these are done.
Please repeat. Must.Wear.Deli.In.Rhinebeck. And now, Must.Give.Blanket.Before.Cold.Weather.
There now. Keep repeating. See you in a few.

7 Responses to “Miles to go before I sew”

How many weeks till Rhinebeck? Keep knitting.

Like the little engine that could – I think I can, I think I can…

Got a good DVD?

Edging. Blech.

But a girl’s gotta have a goal….

Keep chanting, girl. Keep knitting… WILL get done……

I feel your pain – I just finished 100 miles of nearly identical edging for my lace-trimmed bolero this weekend. 🙂 Hang in there!

Wow! What restraint! I keep longing to do something with the Helen’s lace that YOU inspired me to get, but am trying to keep WIPs down to 3. The sweater looks lovely! Keep knitting! Faster!!

Sounds like a good project for the yarn cruise. See you Sunday!