Saturday was a brunch and knitfest with some friends. After all, Carolyn and JStrizzy were in town! I brought out the long neglected Lisette sleeves as it was the most mindless of the projects I want to get done first. Carb Coma kept me from taking more photos but I did manage some, though our esteemed hostess is sadly missing from the evidence.
Our gathering was also a great excuse for a yarn swap, as we were all sick of the stuff in our stash that never seemed to get used. I unloaded some Patons Icelandic, Rowan Linen Drape, and the remainder of last year’s Brooks Farm Rhinebeck Mohair extravaganza. I loved that stuff but really didn’t need two sweaters out of REALLY WARM AND FUZZY mohair. Live and learn. I came away with some gems, like the Elena I wanted in off white but they were out of when I ordered, and some really soft natural colored alpaca, some Lara cotton yarn and a few balls of RYC Cashcotton 4 ply. Whee! I didn’t photograph the haul yet. But here’s highlights from Saturday:

Em cuddles Carolyn
Jenn and Cassie

Oscar, the kittenstealsyarn

Valentina and JStrizzy chat

Mindy contemplates the giant table o’yarn.

Tomorrow, the Knitty/Point cruise.

7 Responses to “Weekend Part One”

Jackie comes through with pictures! YEAH!

Despite being green with envy at youse guys’ good time (compare my sucky being-sick weekend), its so nice to see everyone having fun.

So once again my picture-ruining superpower ruled the day, eh? 😉

It was a lovely, lovely day. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Kinda makes me wish I took some too.

Can’t wait to hear all about the cruise.

I’ll forgive you for the horrible picture but its my own fault for sitting next to Jenn.

It was, after all, a very fun day. Excellent picture of the yarn-mountain.

Great pictures! Man, that was some pile o’ yarn. Looking forward to hearing the cruise report.

Yep. That there was some pile o’yarn.

Wow. A pic with me turned out good. I need to be pregnant more often.

dude! my boobs look huge in that photo! great job!! 🙂 (hee hee….)