Y’all NYers know about Suss Design? She’s just opened a new spot on
Lafayette Street, between Houston and Prince. It’s today’s Daily Candy, in fact. I think a trip there is imminent. (And NO, I do NOT need more yarn, thank you. Just curious!)

7 Responses to “New Crawl Spot”

Uh oh.

Hahaha. I was thinking of blogging that. I don’t think we can afford her yarn, so we’re safe.

I saw that, never knew it was pronounced “soos”.

I’d love to check it out, though I find the stuff on her site a little pricey. Never mind the yarn, individual patterns for $7? PONCHO patterns??? I mean, really.

Oh, for the love of f*ck…. I’m taking a friend for a yarn crawl tomorrow…. I’ll have to see if we can swing by, just for the novelty factor. (I’ve not been too impressed by her books, but I’d be willing to take a peek at the umpteenth knitting shop in NYC.)

I’d be very interested to read your review of this place. The wrap sweaters are cute, but a wee bit overpriced, hmmm?

Oh dear! Just another reason to come into NY.

have you seen her books? the name dropping! the pretention! enough with julia roberts and crap already!

okay, sorry, suss just touches a nerve. it’s really a shame because some of her patterns are great, but please, $7?

i do love your blog, though 😉