I am usually very good with deadlines. I am, after all, a graphic artist with years of publishing industry experience. I am under deadline every week to get a newspaper to press. I am under deadlines when web sites need to launch. I have almost never missed a deadline.
But knitting, that’s another story. Set myself a deadline and I am doomed to fail. Case in point, the baby blanket I’ve been working so hard on. I am meeting the baby today, 2.5 months after his birth. The goal was to go over there with a gift in hand. I worked pretty damn hard all week on those squares but since they aren’t solid, stockinette stitch, and winding bobbins is involved, they take time, ya know? I even had my mother sew up with squares to save me time. As of this writing, I have ONE SQUARE to complete. Well, and the border too. And let’s not talk about all the ends to weave in. Needless to say, I will be visiting empty handed. So close and yet so far.
Now I also set a goal of having the Deli sweater ready for Rhinebeck. Which is less than two weeks away. All this baby blanket knitting has kept me from doing much on that. So, the pressure is OFF. I relieve myself of any further obligation. If it’s not done, it’s not. I have other sweaters to wear! It’s 80 degrees today anyway! I’m NOT GOING TO WORRY ABOUT IT.
And so, I will continue to plug away at Deli and Lisette and they get done when they get done. It feels pretty good to set myself free.

6 Responses to “About Deadlines”

Don’t kill yourself to wear a too-warm sweater to Rhinebeck. It’s funny, but I do the same. I think something is nearly finished, but forget that the weaving in ends, blocking and seaming are all part of the process as well. We need finishing fairies.

Like you said, it’s 80 degrees. The blanket will be done in time when it’s needed. I’ve got a feeling that Deli will now be done for Rhinebeck. But I don’t wanna jinx it.

Good for you! No extra stress is needed.

I’m with you on the abolition of knitting deadlines. Its insane to pressure yourself like that for something that’s supposed to be enjoyable. (I know, I know – I should practice what I preach.)

It’s a good thing to set oneself free from knitting tyranny. We love knitting. Why apply the pressure?

P.S. Hope Ty is well.

Good for you. Why should you make knitting a source of guilt and/or stress when it’s supposed to be a fun, relaxing part of your life? Leave the stress and deadlines at work. 🙂