I may not be posting much, but there has been much knitting going on here at Chez Blue. It’s been raining biblical proportions here in NYC, my freelance career seems to be gasping for breath (anyone, hire me, please) and so I have lots and lots of time. Lookee and see.

10.12.blanket.jpg The last blanket square has been knit, the blanket is sewn, and garter stitch border has commenced.
10.12.sock.jpg The sock very nearly has a toe.
10.12.lisette.jpg Lisette’s sleeves are done, and I’ve started the lace border for the bottom.
10.12.deli.jpg About 75 miles of the 100 miles of lace have been knitted and sewn on Deli. I am knitting and sewing as I go along, praying I don’t run out of yarn. It looks close.

Full photos as projects are finished, I promise. Meanwhile, I have Deli and the laundry on the agenda for today.

*added later: I am definitely running out of yarn. The nice people at Purl are holding a skein for me to pick up tomorrow. NEVER AGAIN am I buying the exact amount for a project, It seems to me I always run short.

6 Responses to “Evidence of knitting”

Yay for many projects at once! I’m glad to see someone else is as crazy as I am in this department. 🙂

Nice pile o’ FOs-to-be. Do yourself a favour, and me, don’t even think about anything more complicated than stockinette for my wee one, ‘k? ’cause I don’t want to hear about it. :-p

Sorry to hear about the the drought..that’s tough.

But the deli lace impresses me mightily – that’s a nice border.

All this rain is good for knitting, bad for kids who want to be in the playground.

Ah the work cycle of the self-employed. It will hit all at once again, soon.

Such a WIDE array of evidence you have brought forth! Delicious. All of it. Can I have the blanket when you’re done? Hey, it never hurts to ask.. 😉