…when you free yourself of deadlines. You might just make it anyway. This is the finished Deli sweater, debuted at Rhinebeck Saturday morning.


Pattern: Deli from Rowan Classic Cafe
Yarn: Rowan RYC Cashcotton DK in Quartz
Needles: Addi Size 6

I’m home this morning after an exhausting but WONDERFUL weekend, despite some travel woes. Too tired for a real post, so expect highlights tomorrow.

14 Responses to “Funny things happen…”

Nice to see you again. I’m sure driving up was a nightmare. Driving locally Friday night was terrifying for me — flooded roads, hydroplaning, etc. Deli is/was gorgeous.

You are a sexy chickie. Gorgeous. So glad to catch up with you for a few mini-minutes Sunday. Loved that green scarf/shawlette you were wearing — must have reminder details, please!

Thank you again for the ride into the City. It was great to hang with you girls and hunt for gas all over Manhattan.

gorgeous! sorry i missed it/you. i went up on sunday; i’m so glad the weekend turned out well, weather-wise.

That sweater really looked fabulous on you.

Me, also totally beat.

Deli looks lovely! Sorry I missed seeing her in person.

Looks great! Can’t wait to hear about the trip.

Did I ever get to tell you how much I love that sweater! So worth the lace time: it’s better in person. So are you!

tis gorgeous!

Love the color and the shape of that cardigan.

This is how overloaded I was on Saturday – I didn’t even notice Deli! My bad. I think I’ll blame Cassie and her bag o’ fleece.

‘Sgorgeous, gorgeous. But holy gee, that’s a lot of stockinette.

It was gorgeous, and fits you perfectly. I still can’t believe you got a thousand miles of lace edging knit in time. whew.

I had to restrain myself from touching you every time I saw that sweater….it is stunning. And you looked stunning wearing it.

You had fun?

Beautiful sweater! I love the color