Last year was my first Rhinebeck, and it was a lovely afternoon, a quiet ride up with some bloggy friends, lots of shopping, seeing a few familiar faces. So this year, I thought it would be great to spend the whole weekend and really socialize, more than shop. After all, I really don’t need more yarn, right? So I went for the atmosphere, the people. Oh.My.God.
After a panic attack on Friday about all the rain and my tiny old sportscar that fogs up and leaks, I rented a large new car very last minute, and Em and Cassie and Jenn and I headed out. We weren’t prepared for the rain of biblical proportions to last the entire way there. (Em did a fabulous driving job, after I was so frazzled by the whole morning of errands that I was just a big mess). We weren’t prepared for stopping at a hotel in the wrong town because it was 10 miles too soon but we wanted to be there oh so badly already. We weren’t prepared for the MASSIVE amount of people we would see. Some bloggers were great about listing them all. I can’t even remember half of whom I saw.
But after the hazardous trip, all got better. We had a great time, seeing people. fondling fiber, eating, chilling out in our room (we missed the big lobby party, we were so dead) and shopping. I bought surprisingly little. I will document the teeny haul tomorrow. In the meanwhile, here are some highlights.

First sunshine in over a week

Jenn knitting at the pajama/cake party

Carolyn demos some spinning

Em and Norma look adorable

Me and Cassie in twin Ene’s shawls

I almost took this puppy home

There were lots of wool bearing critters

These two got so addicted they barely moved

Good thing we rented a bigger car, eh?

8 Responses to “Rhinebeck Whirl 2005”

I’m still feeling all warm and fuzzy about it all. Too bad I only saw you for five minutes only, but luckily we’re neighbours.

wow…! Looks like you had a great time. THanks for all the wonderful photos!

I love that drop spindle picture – such serious faces.

I’m glad you braved the elements and the horrors of the drive up – worth it, yes?

See how happy I look in that photo with Michelle? Did that throat spray work or what? I look like an advert for it, holding the bottle up like that. I’m very VERY glad you guys soldiered on, as every one of you helped to make my weekend special. I think I saw the young couple who bought that puppy — or one very similar to it! We oohed and ahhed at them as they were leaving the fairgrounds.

What a wonderful weekend (so, what didya buy?)

The spinning picture absolutely cracks me up…there’s a similar picture of me at my knitting group, MontrĂ©al Knits, with a caption something like “spinning is serious business…”

Seriously addictive is more like it ;-)))

Great pics, and I’m very sorry I could not come. I would have loved to have met you. Next year I hope I can come.

It was great to meet you! Those spinning pics are the best. I got a drop spindle too….oh no.

Great pics! I don’t know why I’m surprised by this, but- Em drives? Cool! Is there anything she can’t do?