So as much as I love to buy things, especially YARN, I really held the reins tight at Rhinebeck this year. Main reason, I’m pretty much living off my checking account now that work is slow and very little money is coming in. So, BROKE is my number one reason. Reason two is that I have so much yarn already, projects in progress and not yet started, that I really don’t have the space for any more. Reason three, I still have a gift certificate for Purl that my lovely friends gave me for my birthday. Reason four, OVERWHELMED by so much yarn and no idea what to do with any of it. So here’s the teeny haul:
Two hanks of Mountain Colors Bearfoot for socks, and some Carolina Homespun roving for practice.
I should have prefaced that with – I have always resisted the spinning thing. Another hobby to suck up time and money – NO!!! But my friend The Enabler gave me a drop spindle and some roving for my birthday. Evil. I couldn’t figure out how to wrap the yarn so I haven’t fiddled with it much. I fully intended to bring it to Rhinebeck but in my frazzled packing state, I forgot. Then, there, everyone was spinning. And I watched carefully, though all the spindles used were different than mine (top whirls vs. my bottom whirl) and everyone I asked said they didn’t really know how to use mine either. Doh. So, I will find a way to learn, and bought only a tiny bit of roving in the meanwhile.
I also went back to the crack den known as Brooks Farm and this time was thrilled to find a blend without any mohair. This is Four Play, 4 hanks worth, in greens and purples that do not find justice in this photo. It’s really not shiny, either.
I still have some wonderful alpaca from last year’s teeny haul so I can pretend I bought it this year, right? I also got a bottle of some Bushwacker’s Savory Sauce but that didn’t seem like a real Kodak Moment.

11 Responses to “Teeny Haul”

I totally fondled that green Bearfoot! Ultimately, I resisted, so I’m glad it went home with you! I loved that green and purple Brooks Farm, too. Nice haul!

Don’t ALL Brooks Farm products contain mohair? If there’s one without, puh-leeese let me know (not a mohair fan, myself).

Nicccccccccccce. I kept thinking “diapers!”, but Juno kept shoving irresistibles in my face. I’ll have a tiny haul next year, and haul something tiny along. (oh, I crack myself up)

Oh that is pretty purpley yarn you got there! Hope you have fun with the spinning.

Is it wrong that I’m looking at the green sock yarn and thinking, “Damn, I want that!”

very restrained. but very pretty!! 🙂

I got some of that savory sauce for my boyfriend – I brought him Blow Hard Mustard and Bushwhacker Savory Sauce. Ha.

Love that Brooks Farm colorway!

can you please tell me which colorway from brooks farms that four-ply is. its gorgeous and i can’t quite figure out which it is. thanks.

Those are beautiful colors! The Brooks Farm booth must have been a madhouse – it seems like every blogger left with some of their yarn.

Friends who buy you gifts that require more money are evil, I totally agree. It is a sick way to draw you into their MADNESS! Very pretty roving though (tee hee).

Sometimes when you have a budget you really do get picky, and you end up with some really beautiful stuff. Which is what you got. I do love the Brooks Farm colors!

I’m curious to know how you’re doing with the merino/silk fiber. I bought some (different colorway) from the same vendor last year but I haven’t touched it; intimidated by the fiber. I’m still playing with my Corriedale and Coopworth. Also, cheap fibers to be had on eBay, if only for practice. Can’t wait to see your first efforts!