I’m glad I’m not the only one who smelled maple syrup all last night. I was starting to worry I had a brain tumor or something.

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OMG I was freaking out last night – at first I thought our apartment building was on fire and several of us pounded on doors looking for the fire; then I was worried it was some strange terrorist attack. I wonder what the heck it was….

Wow — did they ever figure out what it was?? Oh and by the way — you’ve been tagged 🙂

I smelled it in W’burg too. What’s your verdict: warm and cozy or sinister and bioterroristic?

BTW, gorgeous socks and I love the way that Brooks Farm looks!

Sometimes I’m glad I live in the Bronx. That’s just too weird.

I read about this today. I’m glad to read of at least one “real” person who smelled that. Any rumors about the source?

I’m so glad I read about this – I thought I was going crazy! It smelled a little like pumpkin pie to me. Yummmmmmm, pumpkin pie.

I thought it smelled like the maple frosted doughnuts – very pleasant! I am burning with curiosity about the source, though…

Where I live, it usually STINKS. That sweet smell was a nice distraction and I didn’t think it weird at all, though I should have, since, like I said, it usually STINKS where I live.

Did anyone every figure out what the smell was?? It didn’t start to freak me out until this morning when I saw it mentioned on the news. Last night I was just basking in the fabulousness of a good smell during the fall…what if it was dangereous?!

Jesus, that’s freaky. And so sad that we live in an era where we really should be frightened of such a thing.

yes, i smelled it too, all the way in brooklyn! inside my apartment, even. ah well, if we didn’t have a brain tumor that caused us to smell it, probably we have a brain tumor as a result of smelling it now. glass half full, you know 😉