I finally finished the border on the baby blanket last night. I sewed in my label this morning, and it’s off to the recipient in an hour and a half. I’m both sorry and glad to see it go. I just hope she likes it!
Pattern: “Rock a Bye Baby” from 100 Afghan Squares to Knit by Debbie Abrahams
Yarn: Knitpicks Merino Style, reduced to 3 colors from 4 in pattern
(I also left off some embroidery in the center of three of the squares)
Needles: Mostly #7 Clover Bamboo, Addi’s to finish the border

22 Responses to “DONE, and down to the wire!”

Wow! That is a gorgeous, eye-catching, original baby blanket! I love it. The recipient is going to love it.

THAT is gorgeous!

OK, I changed my mind. You can make me something with intarsia.

that’s pretty damn gorgeous dude. 🙂
if i were more into blues, i’d be salivating.

Jackie! That looks great!

That’s really better than the traditional sweet pastel baby thing – nicely done. I like it.
Thank goodness you went with three colors though…I think four might have Gone Too Far *g*

Wow – graphic and very impressive. Beautiful.

Awesome looking blanket. Nice job.

It’s beautiful! It reminds me of nautical signal flags. I wonder if you’ve inadvertently spelled out any interesting messages?

That is amazing! I agree with Juno – love the different look. I predict it is going to be loved and used!

that is awesome! i know that the family will appreciate it.

It looks so good!!!

What a fantastic baby blanket!

Woooo!!! I love it!!!

WOW – that is a GORGEOUS blanket. What a lucky baby to get to snuggle under it! 🙂

Yup. That’s great. So I’m not alone on this intarsia thing after all.

Wow! that blanket is a stunner! Great job, Jackie.

That is so nice it even makes me like the blue. Sort of.


You are the queen of baby blankets! wow!

what a stunning blanket! i’m blown away.

Unbelievably beautiful and what a wonderful friend your friend has…

Just stunning – that baby is going to be the *best dressed/wrapped* on the block…

What a beautiful blanket!