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There is knitting going on

Posted by jackie blue on November 10th, 2005

First of all, many thanks yous for your comments on the baby blanket. I’m not very good at answering comments individually unless there’s a specific question to answer, so a group shout out, Thank You!!
I may not be posting much but I am knitting much. Here we have a finished back in the Brooks Farm our Play. Isn’t it scrumptious?? The colors, the shaping!
Of course you’re wondering what is is, aren’t you? I think that I will keep that a surprise a little while longer.
There is also sockage going on, much of it knit yesterday on the way to my brother’s dental office (yes, he’s my dentist) and in the chair waiting for the Novacaine to take effect.

I know you can’t really see any detail on it now but that’s OK, it’s a super secret sock. Anyway, dental work. Yeah, my brother has determined after drilling so much my brain was shaken loose that I need my very first root canal. I guess I should be lucky that I hit 40 never having needed one. Bad news is (what, that wasn’t bad enough?) that he doesn’t do them, and I have no dental insurance.
Can you say “Broke” any louder?

DONE, and down to the wire!

Posted by jackie blue on November 4th, 2005

I finally finished the border on the baby blanket last night. I sewed in my label this morning, and it’s off to the recipient in an hour and a half. I’m both sorry and glad to see it go. I just hope she likes it!
Pattern: “Rock a Bye Baby” from 100 Afghan Squares to Knit by Debbie Abrahams
Yarn: Knitpicks Merino Style, reduced to 3 colors from 4 in pattern
(I also left off some embroidery in the center of three of the squares)
Needles: Mostly #7 Clover Bamboo, Addi’s to finish the border