A finished object I can actually show.
Pattern: Coronet from Knitty
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Super Chunky, about a skein and a quarter
Needles: Size 10.5 Addis and dpns

I got really lazy (I know) and didn’t use the provisional cast on and grafting for the band, so I have an only slightly unsightly seam in the back. I’m toying with the idea of a knit flower as an embellishment and making that the side, or hell, who’s going to stare at the back of my head anyway?
I made it snug to keep my ears toasty warm. I may need a matching scarf now.

18 Responses to “She knits! She knits!”

Beautiful on you, honey. Wear it well.

that hat is absolutely beautiful. I want one for my ears!

Very cute!

I love that hat! Um, yes, you do need a matching scarf because it will look great!

It looks so shiny and lovely!

You absolutely need a matching scarf. The hat looks tres chic!

I’ve been planning to make that same hat this year! Yours looks great — love the sheen of the yarn. Don’t worry about the seam — most people out there are wearing store-bought knit hats that are a lot worse.

Looks great! (And yes, you need a matching scarf)

Gorgeous! I’ve only ever knit with DB baby cashmerino before, and it’s always been gifts for others. So… you’re smart to make something that luscious for yourself!

P.S. No one will notice the seam!

Love the hat! Perfect fiber choice ….;)

WOW – that is sooo nice – I love it don;t forget gloves – lol

no one will notice the seam.. it’s a lovely hat .. looks great in the photo.

love it! ~ and it looks great on you.

Yes, a matching scarf is a must!

soooo pretty!!! 🙂 looks great. love it. smooches. (and who cares about the seam)

That is a cute design and you wear it well.

Love it! Such a great color for you.

Absolutely beautiful! You can change the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern to include the braided cable. It’s an easy pattern and quick knit!