Busy with baking. Around the holidays I always get an urge to bake a lot. I used to do decorated sugar cookies, and then I got into elaborate gingerbread houses, but this year I thought I’d go the basic cookie route. Borrowing some pages from the Martha Stewart Holiday Cookie special issue, I made Cashew Caramel cookies, Chocolate Shortbread bells, Lime Meltaways, and our own Cassie’s chocolate chip cookies.
Cassie must have the touch, because hers were scrumptious, mine came out too soft. They probably could have stood another few minutes in the oven. The cashew caramels would have been a great success if I had just thought to refrigerate them after drizzling the caramel – they never really set well and some stuck together and ruined the lovely drizzle effect.
The shortbread and the lime meltaways came out great. So I boxed ’em up and they are little gifts for my dog run friends, my dog walker, and Mom of course.
Me, I have some leftovers that didn’t look so nice, and many broken chocolate chip cookies. That’s OK, I’ll eat ’em broken. Live and learn – and next time I do a big cookie fest, some knitting friends better look out!

5 Responses to “It’s been a busy weekend around here…”

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh. That’s all.


You’ve been quite the busy baking bee.

Hey…where’d you get the clear gift boxes? SO much better than the hokey tins I manage to scavenge up this time of year for the gift cookies.

NO such thing as “too soft cookies”…those are the absolute BEST.