As everyone knows by now, there’s a transit strike in NY. I’m not a happy camper about this. Although I only commute 2 days and have the rest of this week to sit it out (though I lost a day’s pay yesterday when I wasn’t willing to walk to another borough – if I lived/worked near the borders maybe, but it was too long to even think about in this cold, or any time really) – it’s making a potential mess of holiday plans. I have too many things going on, some of which overlap, and I can’t even think straight enough to decide which events I will attend. I really just want to curl up in a little ball and watch movies and knit for the next week and a half.
I’ll spare you my opinions of this strike, I’ve already whined and ranted to various friends and family members.
A bit of holiday goodness though, I got these socks from Melissa and what beats getting hand knit socks in the mail? I love the colors and the pattern is really cool – it’s something I haven’t seen before, kind of a twirly rib. Thank you, Melissa!!
There’s been knitting on this end too but I think I’ll save that post for tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Holiday madness”

I hear your pain on the “no work=no pay” front. I freelance and temp, so I understand completely. Those socks are lovely!

I’m listening to a TWU member compare the union to Katrina survivors. I have officially had enough.

If they do indeed “ruin Christmas,” the latke offer stands.

Indeed. No work-ee, no pay-ee. I cannot even imagine NYC without subways.

Cute socks!